Proof of Concept

by Michal Pydo Band

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released April 1, 2014

Michał Pydo - voice, guitar, keyboards
Szymon Witecki - drums

music: Michał Pydo & Szymon Witecki
lyrics: Michał Pydo
mixed by Jan Smoczyński & Michał

photo: Arkadiusz Wojtasiewicz
thx to Aleksandra Hózman Mirza Sulkiewicz (photo), Mashtal @ Sonus

2014 Prezes Records. All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



Michal Pydo Band Warsaw, Poland

Michal Pydo is a singer and songwriter from Warsaw, also known as a leader of Hatifnats. In 2014 he released an EP “Proof of Concept” followed by a long playing album “Into the Garden” which was released in 2016. Besides his solo career, Michal is known for his collaboration with Mark Gardener (Ride) with whom he performed on Psych Fest in Liverpool. ... more

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Track Name: Heart
Don’t want to think
Don’t want to feel
Don’t want to dream
Don’t want to be at all
At all

Amid lovers
Or lost at sea
Too blind to see
Too deaf to hear
Someone is watching you
But it’s just the wind
Scattering leaves
Something must have gone wrong

Time will soon come to forget me
My wooden heart bears the burden of loss
Track Name: End
Don’t know why
But you must stay alive
There is nothing to which you can hold on
Nothing much to live for

Don’t know why
You must grab hold of life
There is no one for you in this world
Nothing can be done

In the end
When you touch the ground
Before you fall asleep
Fall in the endless dream…

Can’t you see
These clothes just don’t fit
You’ve measured out your life
With drops of tears

Can’t you see
Nothing is to be feared
So hard to ease that pain
Please don’t just walk away

But in the end
When you touch the ground
Before you fall asleep
Fall in the endless dream
In the end
When all your hopes disapear
Will all the flowers of love
Wither away?
Track Name: Stretched
Gunpowder and flowers
Heart was bursting in my chest
I‘d be yours to the grave
Sand upon your lips
So head over hills

But when I take some time
Just to feel I’m right
I see how souless I’ve become

I found you in my dreams
Broken time of our memories
I found you in the bottom of my heart

Those whispers are no longer you
Haven‘t I found what I’m looking for?
Oh you were the one
You are the one
You are the one

Do you want to know how it feels?
Remember that car without engine?
Soaked with bitterness of my days
All emotions have run dry

And all the time I’m running from what I am
Track Name: Someday
Don’t be afraid
Don’t be afraid
You’re going to make it
You’re going to find it
So don’t be afraid
Don’t be afraid
Because it takes time
And it takes strength
It must take some time
I know you’ve been waiting for too long
It must take some time
Before you’re ready to go
It takes time
And it takes a lot of strength
Track Name: Spirit
Why don’t you get it over?
Accept what you can’t regain
Why won’t you just get it over?
Can’t you see that you’ve had enough?

Please get behind me
My broken spirit

I’ll never see you again
Sobbing in the mirror
I’ll never see you again
Flickering in the water

Please get behind me
My broken spirit

In your blood
In your bones
In your flesh and soul
All the smiles you make
All the words to ignore
All the pain that you bear
The love that you waste
Why won’t you…?
Why won’t you…?
Why won’t you just….?